Skin Classic Procedure

Have the flawless skin you deserve!
Do you have visible signs of aging with dark brown spots, broken capillaries, raised bumps on your skin which you cannot remove.
The skin classic procedure utilizing direct high frequency without cutting into the skin to quickly and effectively treat and remove minor skin irregularities such as:

Flat Hyperpigmentation (Sun/Age Spots)
• Skin Tags
• Cherry Hemangiomas
• Sebaceous Hyperplasia
• Fibromas
• Broken Capillaries (Spider Veins/Telangiectasia)
• Milia
• Cholesterol Bumps
• Seborrheic Keratosis
• Cystic Acne, blemishes, and blackheads

Depending upon the irregularity that is being treated your session may begin with a mild microdermabrasion skin resurfacing treatment to rejuvenate the skin. This exfoliation causes a thin layer of the outer skin to slough off making it easier to administer the Skin Classic Procedure. A small probe is used to barely touch or tap the skin which vaporizes and dries the affected area creating very small crusts that heal and flake off leaving the skin clear and smooth in 3 to 15 days for most irregularities. Healing time depends on the treated area as well as your own personal healing ability.

Clients describe their pain level as a minimal discomfort and the sensation to a very quick stinging which dissipates quickly each time the probe is lifted - the probe never pierces the skin. The results are remarkable!